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Donna, Friends, and Book Dedications

Whenever I have a book release, I like to do a spotlight on the person I Image02182013141309dedicated it to. A Wedding for Julia was dedicated to my friend, Donna Seals. I first met Donna 12 years ago. She was a new reading teacher in my department, and we quickly learned to divide up our work and help each other out. Within a few months, she was my son’s “aunt,” and we’ve been close as can be ever since.

Donna has a real passion for teaching. Currently she teaches at a Christian school in San Angelo, and I know those kids are very blessed to have her in their lives.

One theme that is consistent in my books is the theme of friendship. I think it’s an important part of our life. I believe friendships are a real blessing from God. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget that, easy to forget to make time for one another. One thing I love about Donna (and Dorsey and Kristy – my other pre-readers), is that we do make time to see each other. It might only be 2 or 3 times a year, but those are important weekends for us. And even when we’re not together, we pray for each other, we talk on the phone, and we text.

My prayer is that you have a special friend in your life. Today would be aDSCN8793 great day to tell this person how much they mean to you. And to celebrate friendships, I’m going to give away a copy of A Wedding for Julia AND a gift of 101 Promises from Psalms. Leave a comment below to be entered, and if you share this blog with someone else, leave another comment and you’ll be entered twice.



171 thoughts on “Book Dedications

  1. Cheryl Kauffman

    My special friend lives in South Africa. She’s a74 year old pastor, who is also a kidney dialysis patient. Because she cannot travel here anymore, the past few years I’ve traveled there to see her. We speak on the phone weekly and always instinctively know when each other is having a tough time. In addition to working full time, I’ve worked part time in order to save money to see her. Friendship truly knows no barriers.

  2. Sandi Davis

    I am blessed with a great support group of friends from my church! We are there for each thru life’s ups and downs. We laugh a lot and cry and hold each other.

  3. Evie Merrin

    I so agree with you Vannetta. Friendship is very important in our lives. So often it is possible to become so entrapped in the busyness of our every day lives that we forget this need. There is one thing to remember, age is not a barrier. Young women and elderly women each can bring their own special, unique contribution to the friendship.

  4. Judy Gilstrap

    My best friend is my sister-in-law Deanna! She and I have similar interests, loved to quilt together, and both are avid readers! After I read a book it goes to her and visa versa! We would love to share your book!

  5. Judy B

    Vannetta…a great post and a great reminder. Yes, keeping friendships alive is so important. I have a best friend from grade school that I have kept in touch with on and off over the years.

    Judy B

  6. Sharon Orshaw

    I have recently been reconnecting with old friends. What a joy! Looking forward to reading your next book!

  7. Melissa L.

    I have never really had a close friend. It seems that when I finally find someone that I think I can be friends with circumstances or something happen that we end up losing touch. I do have people I speak with but not a really good friend. My mother was blessed to have a friend for close to 40 years before she passed so I was very glad to see that. This woman became a second mother to me.

  8. Melissa

    I loved your post. Friendships are so important in life, they can help bring you up when you are down. I’ve been blessed with some wonderful friendships in my life – both in person and “on-line”.

  9. Helen

    I have a wonderful friend who lives in Alabama. I live in Arizona we check on each other every day. I have only met this person once but we are so close. She is my best friend.

  10. Martha Franks

    I so value my friendships! As you say, we may not get together often, but we do make it a point to stay in touch. Now that my daughters are middle-aged (hope they don’t see this!), we have become dear friends, as I was with my own mother. I thank God for that!

  11. Laurel

    My mom is my best friend (besides my husband) and I check in with her every day. I shared this giveaway with her because she also loves Amish fiction. :)

  12. Laurel

    My sisters and brother and best friend from “home” are the other people that I keep in touch with, no matter where the Army sends us. Thank the Lord for technology that allows us to maintain communication via text, skype, facebook, etc. :)

  13. Joyce Hoezee

    Would so love to be entered in this contest for books. Books, especially these are my window to life.

  14. Mary B

    I talk to at least 2 of my children every day and the others a few times every week or so. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway;

  15. Elaine

    Love your books & always wait till the next one comes out. Enjoy your posts & following you.

  16. Jo-Ann Barton

    I enjoy reading your books very much love the stories of the Amish & their way of life

  17. Ann Ellison

    You are so right about friendship and what friends can mean in our lives. I sure enjoy your posts and would love to win a copy of this book.

  18. Glenda Chinners

    When my son, Aaron, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15, our lives were turned upside down! We live in Mobile, AL and have no family within 8 hours of us. Our friends rallied around us… prayed for us…. cooked for us…. and lifted us up in our time of need. My son has been cancer free for 3 years and I will never forget that time…. or the love that was poured out to us by dear, dear friends. I am forever grateful!

  19. Malinda Passwater

    You are so very right about friendship I have close friends but one is like my sister. Her and I have been through so much together in our lives. We have been friends for 42 years. Would love to win these books. Thank you

  20. Sharon Whited

    I have a lot of friends, but the best one I have is my sister, Charlotte. She is 5 years older than I, but we talk on the phone almost daily and go shopping and out to eat at least twice a month. We talk and laugh so much when we are together..mostly about our childhood and memories of the past. She is in early stage Alziemers and I am so afraid our trips and days out may be numbered. I try to make things as easy as I can for her, but she forgets more and more when we are together. She can easily remember the past, though, and we take advantage of that. She is definately my best friend.

  21. Virginia Rush

    Friends, true friends are the ones that are there. you can other friendships that you love love love and enjoy being with…but there are only a few that can keep your secrets.

  22. Judy Corbin

    I am big on keeping up with friends. Life is short and when you look back at friends that are gone, like families you really are glad that you spent time together as much as possible. God is always first, family next and then friends. Friendships are golden treasures.

  23. Mary M.

    My best friend is my sister. We married brothers, who were the only children of the couple.

  24. Donna

    What a sweet post! Thanks, V! I love how we’ve stayed connected through the years and have made the effort to remain close. God truly Blessed me when He saw fit to place you and me in the same school for my first “real” teaching assignment. I’m glad to call you friend and thankful that you feel the same.

  25. Lora Dietrich

    My best friend is my Mom and she is 86 yrs young, she lives in another state but we talk on the phone often, the other best friend just moved back and I have known her since 1970.O would love to win your books and I share them with my church family when I buy them. Thanks for all the contest you do.

  26. Debra Bearden

    My special friend Charlene, is a former co-worker. She is my sister of the heart. I love her dearly. We only live 30 minutes from each other but only see each other four or five times a year when we meet for dinner. Even though we don’t see each other or talk that often it is like we just talked the day before when we do see each other. She is a true friend who I can tell anything. She is a great blessing in my life. We are meeting for dinner Thursday to celebrate her birthday. Can’t wait.

  27. kari johansen

    [The years can fly past like a flock of birds] Amish proverb,so keep family and friends close

  28. Barbara Davis

    I had to leave my best friend behind in Mexico when I was forced to leave the mission because of my health. I miss her terribly but we stay in touch via e-mail and occasional phone calls.

  29. Donna Courtney

    it is so true about friendships..I have been blessed with 3 best friends..but one is so very special.we have been friends since 3rd grade..we have been friends over 50yrs.would love to win the book.

  30. betty reynolds

    I have several friends that I cherish their friendship so much.I know that if I need them they are there as a pray warrior,helper.sound board or what ever.We have been through a lot.So to win would be another thing I could share with them.Love reading good CHRISTAN based books either fiction or non fiction. Thank you so much for you willingness to share.

  31. Mary Gessner

    I, too, have learned the value of true friendship. My late husband joined the Army in 1978. After his untimely death, I eventually married another man with the Military. Both marriages provided more moves over the years than I’d like to think about. With each move, though, the LORD blessed me with a few close friends. They each hold a special place in my heart. Sometimes months, occasionally even years, go by without seeing each other but we remain close through e-mail, and facebook. However, thirty-four years ago, my late husband was stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. I was 1,200 miles away from family and friends for the first time, and LONELY. It was there I met two amazing young women (we were all young then) who not only strengthened me in my faith as a young Christian, but walked through some very dark days with me. We have remained friends even though I moved from NC 25 yrs ago. I owe them my life, and they will always hold a very special, unique, place in my heart. All my friends do. Thank you for giving all of us a place to share. :O)

  32. Belinda Hoskins

    Vannetta, I have not yet read this book, but am sure it will be as interesting as all your other books. God Bless

  33. Jennifer Hibdon

    Thank you, Vannetta. Friendships are so important. I cherish mine. I hope I can be a good friend to others, too. I love your thoughts, they make me think and appreciate my blessings.

  34. Mary Tullila

    God brought back into my life a very special soul…her name is Lori. We grew up together in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools. We lost track of each other all those years since…
    Purposefully ….our Lord brought her back to me since my widowhood from suicide. I love this gal as if she was my blood sister. So grateful for her in my life!

  35. kathy b

    I have a friend I love as much as a sister .she has been my sounding board for over 25yrs god didn’t give me a blood sister but’ he gave me my best friend mae! thank you so much for reminding me of the importance of true friends!

  36. Susan Beaird

    Well here we go again entering a chance to win! Love all your books Vannetta! Thanks for another opportunity to win…..(as always it wont happen to me) LOL

  37. Margaret Saberan

    The Lord blessed me with six sisters, one foster sister and a sister-in-law that is more like a sister. Nearly every Thursday morning we meet for breakfast and sometimes we even let our two brothers and one or two of our kids tag along, too. When our mother, soon to be 92, is in town, she also joins us. We support each other, we pray, we laugh and cry together. Yes, the Lord has been so good to us.

  38. Donna Butler Simmons

    I understand the situation with having ones friends living far away. My former pastor’s wife moved from South Carolina back to Illinois, but we have managed to keep in touch and remain close friends. Love ya, LaDona Blue. :)

  39. Dana Spille

    I may have a handful of friends but these friends will be with me no matter how good things are or how bad things are .They have showed themselves approved many many times .Blessings ,Dana “Girl”

  40. Denise C. Brenner

    Very true. Friendship has been the only thing sometimes that has gotten me through the things that life has thrown at me. I would love to have this! Don’t forgot to sign them though!! 😉

  41. mary ellen ashenfelder

    My breast cancer survivor daughter is my best friend. She is an inspiration and a trooper. And, she is the mother of my wonderful grandson who I adore. I would love to win a copy of this book. Thank you.

  42. Regina Overton

    My best friend is my daughter. She lives next door and we talk most every day. She has also blessed me with two granddaughters.

  43. alice compoly

    my husband is my top best friend.I have other friends that mean the world to me -but my husband is my rock and soul mate and the greatest friend anyone could. Ask for.

  44. Mary Scott

    Friends are important in our lives, thanks for the reminder! I love to ready books about the Amish.Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest, hope to win.

  45. Peggy Rayburn

    My two closest friends are my daughter and my friend Mary. They are both my forever friends. I have many friends, but my daughter of course hold my heart and Mary lives close and has been my friend for over 20 years. I would not want to be without either. I love your books Vannetta as you well know and would love to win

  46. Paula Osborne

    Indeed friendships are so important and I feel I have many, being an older person that figures. enjoyed your post today, Donna sounds like a wonderful friend and so glad you two met. I would enjoy reading this book but then I enjoy all your books.
    Paula O

  47. Lisa Korell

    My special friend is now my sister. I always wanted a sister being the oldest of 3, with 2 younger brothers. My sister is all I could ever wanted in a sister. I believe we are closer than we would have been if we were blood sisters. She’s been as major support for me after loosing 4 important members of my family. Starting with my grandma, mom, 18 yo son and then my dad. All in an 7 1/2 year time span. It all started in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2007. We only met in 1998, but you can’t tell. When I was a little girl, id asked mom when can I get a sister, she told me I’d have to wait a see. It was about a 30 year wait but I’m soo glad I waited. I love my sister to pieces.

    Thanks for listening,

  48. Deanna Riker

    Friendship is a very special bond! Sounds like your both very blessed to have each other.

    1. Joanne Towles

      Would love to get a copy of your new book, A Wedding For Julie! I love, love, love reading your books and look forward to reading this one!
      Have a blessed day!

  49. Doris berry

    Sorry to say I have not read any of your books. I get most of my Amish books at used book stores. I would love to have the privilge of reading one of your books.,

  50. Barbara

    Friendship has always been a major part of Donna’s life. She is always helping others in anyway that is needed I am glad to know that the lessons she learned from childhood has continued to grow . I am very proud of her and she is teaching her children the lessons that she learned so long ago. We all néed friends, they are the people that keep us on the right track and keep us honest and close to our Lord.

  51. Kay from NY

    Great blog. No special friend for me except for brother and sis-in-law. They are there for me. I would love to win a copy of Vannetta’s newest book. Thank you.

  52. Juanita Cook

    A good friendship is so awesome. It’s more like adding a sister into your family. I have two friends that I feel that way about. Sometime we don’t get to see each other often but we do keep in contact with each other. Would love to win this book.

  53. Barbara Thompson

    I have a very special friend in my life. She’s my Mother. We’ve always been close, been through many trials and had our share of arguments. She lost her Mother at the age of fourteen. I have a friend that said he’s never seen a mother-daughter relationship like ours. You’re so close as mother and daughter, but you’re just best friends. I’m very blessed!!

  54. Megann Zeigler

    Due to an injury and some other medical problems I can’t drive or travel anywhere. Many of my friends have gone on with their lives and they should but I have gotten lonely. I have found many new friends in your books and others that I have read. I live my life outside my home through their adventures, stories and lessons. Thank you for giving me such a gift by writing such wonderful stories.

  55. Sandra Stover

    My best friend had been there for me in times of need as I hope I have been for her.

  56. Jennie taber

    What a blessing friends are! Some stay for the long hall threw ups and downs, some just pass threw your life. But I know God place for everyone he has put in our life! Thanks for the give away

  57. Kaye Whitney

    Over the years I have been blessed with many good friends, but most of them have moved away or passed away. I treasure their memories. I am still blessed with my wonderful husband and one older brother with whom I can telephone.

  58. Barbara Hooper

    I have two very special friends one from my childhood and the other from college days. They are such a blessing to my life. We don’t get to visit often but keep in touch regularly and pray for each other all the time. I feel so priviledged to call them my best friends for life. Truly they are a gift from God to me. I hope to win the contest and thanks for the chance.

  59. Nancy Horn

    I have sevearl friends, life-long, with whom I still get together with at least once a year. We have had pj nights (all our kids out of high school), took rides (13 of us) in our one friend’s convertable down an old country road…we won’t say HOW we all fit in there and went out to dinner at a restaurant a time or two. We play games, talk on the phone, e-mail and use other social media, and do what we can to stay connected regardless of the miles that separate us.

    It is always a joy to see a face you miss on a daily basis, as you get together for an evening, as we learn of all the things that are going on in various homes and parts of the country. It brings everything into focus and perspective and solidifies the bonds you have had for life.

  60. andrea brooks

    A friend is someone who has been there for you, never gives up on you, takes the time to listen, and keeps in touch. You have many friends/friendships through life, but most importantly is how you treat that person. I cannot choose just one friend, but my friends Beth Newman and Marchand Lewis come to mind. I had many friends, but these two always are thinking of me and writing to me. My aunt and caregiver Kama Health and my family are other examples of friends and friendships.

  61. Marilyn Vandivier

    Thank you for share your thoughts with us. Yes I agree it is important to have friends in your life. Someone you can share with and do things with. I have to close friends, and a church full of others. Love all my friends.
    Thank you for your contest. I would love to win your newest book. Love to read about the Amish people. Blessing to you.

  62. Karen G

    Lovely post. My mom and hubby are my best friends. My mom is 94 and is a great inspiration to me. My hubby is always there for me.

  63. ldychipmunk

    I value friends, even when they call me to tell me their wife got mad at them. But as my 40th reunion approaches, I realize that not all clases are as special as mine. We are using Facebook to keep in touch with 50 % so far! Should /:-) I win a book, will send it home with the husband whose wife says, go be with your classmates! I have two who are letting their husbands come, despite vacation plans the other direction! The value in new friends.

  64. Ronda Ferry

    Friends are so great to have and my sisters are very special friends. Thanks for contest. Ronda Ferry

  65. Dorothy Mills

    After losing my dear, best friend in a car accident, I have not been able to develop a close friendship with anyone. It hurts too much to lose them. And, yes, I am lonely.

  66. Jerri

    Great post. Your post is right on. I so value the friendships that I have been blessed with.

  67. Sheila Groves

    I have so many friends , some from many years ago in childhood and school, some from my children’s many activities over the years, others from my church, and my many co-workers And customers at my current business. My greatest and truest friendship is with my oldest sister who is mentor, mother, sister and friend. She gets angry with me at time and I with her, but it never lasts long. We have survived the loss of both parents and her husband, she helped me through my husband’s heart attack/surgery last summer. I know she is there for me and my family at a seconds notice. She has bailed me out of baby issues, foox emergencies and wardrobe malfunctions. She is my iangel of mercy. My sister. I introduced her to amish fiction a few years ago when she had to take time off work because of high blood pressure. She has every Amish book in print, I would love to give her a copy of your latest release.

  68. Jan Hall

    I stay in touch with friends more now with Facebook than I ever have before. I grew up moving around a lot and didn’t get to spend time with family or make a lot of friends. About the time I did then it was time to move. Calls were too expensive and I didn’t write many letters. I truly cherish the friends I make now. Thank you for this giveaway.

  69. Laurie W

    I have a few very special friends with whom I enjoy spending time. It is important to schedule these visits. I feel blessed to be called their friend.

  70. wendynewcomb

    I would love to have these books, thank you for all you do for us readers!


  71. Linda McFarland

    My husband & my mom are my closest friends. I have moved often through the years and it’s harder to stay in touch. I do look forward to Christmas when cards are sent to some special friends…two of them are now grown young women I taught in Sunday School years ago…what blessings! Loved the post, Vannetta. It is a blessing to have close friends who understand, support and pray for you…Linda

  72. Jackie Tessnair

    I have a special friend,we met 29 years ago when our sons were in kindergarten together.We have been through so much together.I think everyone needs that one special friend.

  73. Cheri Howard

    I have a couple of special friends – one for 43 years and the other for 39 years. We may not see each other for awhile, but can pick up right where we left off. We know each of us is there for the other, if EVER needed. We have been through so much over all these years that it is amazing. Births, deaths and everything in between. We can tell each other ANYTHING.

  74. kathibud5038een Greffin Popp

    Loved your dedication to your friend! I have a best friend I met when we were 12! We have been friends for 51yrs. We have been through 2 marriages together, the birth of our children, our grandchildren, the deaths of our parents, and now our golden yrs. or should I say our rusty yrs. and there have been many tears in between. My friend Karen has had many health issues including becoming addicted to pain pills etc. it got very bad to the point she had to be put some where. I was there by her side and through the grace of God she made it. It’s been a ruff road and the journey is not over as it takes time, but I will be there every step of the way with my Friend and God! I feel very blessed to have a true and loving friend for all these years.

  75. Maryann

    This year I got to visit with my best friend. It was probably about 10 years since I saw her last. We hugged and cried so much. Tears of joy and friendship!

  76. Donna M.

    Reconnecting with lots of forrmer class mates while working on class reunion. miss some close friends that have dropped out of sight over the years.

  77. janet sears

    Friends are so very important in our lives. I an looking forward to reading your book. Please enter me in your contest. Thank you.

  78. rw1010

    My husband is my very closest friend. We have shared so much in our 21 years together & I know for an absolute fact that the Lord brought us together.

  79. Emma

    A WEDDING FOR JULIA sounds wonderful. Please enter me in contest. Thank you for the opportunity to win.I enjoy reading all of your books.

  80. Sharon Timmer

    Had a girls only night at my house with some special sisters in Christ – we all agreed we need more girl time in the future!

  81. kathie weber

    my son is in the hospital dying he had a low low blood sugar and is brain damaged I need something to take my mind off everything now. I lost my husband last July. I think this book is what I need now

  82. Lisa Garrity

    Sounds like an interesting book…I love weddings! Please enter me in the contest!

  83. KayM

    I think it is really nice that you dedicated your book to a good friend. I am also blessed with some very good friends. We always are there for each other.
    may_dayzee (at) yahoo (dot) com

  84. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson

    Yes Vannetta, I do have a very special friend right here in the town where I live. We’ve been friends since 1961, and have been through so much together including losing our husbands. I would love to win your contest. Thanks for the give-away.
    Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  85. Barbara Gauthier

    My special friend is a retired Catholic priest. I have been through two deaths and several surgeries in the past six years, and he has been there for me all the way. I don’t know what I would do without him. Of course, nobody is ever alone, because God is also there for them all the way. I would love to win your contest. Thank you.

  86. Jackie Mento

    I grew up in PA and I have seen the amish people and how their life are si simple and I missed PA and hopefully I will move back soon! I would love to win the book! I love to read all amish story!

  87. Jeanine Kowalewski

    Through my church I have made friends both older and younger than myself and that is a true blessing. Anxious to read A Wedding for Julia and would love to win!

  88. Monique Wood

    I have blessed to have 5 best friends. My recently deceased mom was my first. My high school BFF is my second. My husband is my third. My children’s classmates mom is my fourth. And my former boss, co-worker, neighbor is my fifth. unfortunately, time has changed my life. My first BFF went to bed one night 5 months after my father passed, and her dream came true. She passed peacefully in her sleep. After graduating from High School, I moved from Minnesota to Massachusetts, leaving my bff in Minnesota. We still keep in touch. My fourth bff and I moved simultaneously away from the state we lived in to two different states. My 3rd and 5th bff’s are stuck with me. YEAH! I hope to win.

  89. Tiny Alderson

    Love reading your books and would love to have a copy of this one. Having lived in several places around Texas, I have very special friends and prayer partners all over. One of them passed away just yesterday. I will miss her but I am happy that she has met Jesus face to face and is with her beloved husband again. See you later, Dottie!

  90. Susan Plummer

    Through facebook I have found very close friends I grew up with in dinky and unique Douglas…For the moments we is like 40 years slip away and we are kids again. This is a God Gifted Blessing…Vanetta I love reading your books..I’d love to win A Wedding for Julia..I’ll look for it one way or the other.
    Thank you,

  91. Judith Smith

    You can never have enough friends in your life, but my best friend is Henrietta. She was born with 4 kidneys, and right now is battling for her life, because she has a massive infection. Also, because of this, her bladder no longer works. Yet every time I see her or call her, she is in a cheerful mood. We say we have a triangle with Jesus as our third best friend. I would love to win the book for her, since she is housebound 90% of the time,and it would mean so much to her, I have shared your other books with her, and then her daughter Angel reads them. Before this, neither had read Amish fiction. If I don’t win, I will still buy the book, because we all have been looking forward to reading it. God Bless you, and please keep on writing!

  92. Michelle Ringenberg

    So excited about this release. I just finished the first two in the series and loved them!!!

  93. Pamela Schaefer

    There is nothing like a good Christian friend, one who shares your faith. I would LOVE to be your winner!!!!

  94. sandi ansell

    I have so many special friends, but Jesus is the one who is always always with me. I had to have a heart cath a few days ago and I could feel His presence. I don’t know what folks do who don’t know HIM! Sandi

  95. debbie mosley

    my very best friend in life is my daughter rhonda..i have been going thru some medical issues the past few months and thanks to rhonda i’m not alone.

  96. Mary Jane Dodd

    Love your books, can not wait for this one to come out. Loved the other two in series.

  97. marilyn green

    best friends are forever. i am thankful for mine..juat waiting for you next book.

  98. Vera Godley

    This friend post has really garnered the responses. That is good because it shows how much friendship matters to everyone. Whether that best friend is one’s spouse or one’s childhood friend who has stayed close to you through the years. Personally, I have found that my family is actually my circle of friends as well. True I have had those at the schools at which I worked who were close to me and with whom I could share much. But the friend you have a “girl’s day out” with has never been there for me. I am afraid that in this day of internet social networking, the personal touch of friends will become a rare event.

  99. Patsy Dunn

    “Friends are the family you choose for yourself.” I chose Ann over 50 years ago as a 7th grader (she was in the 8th grade) at that awkward early teen age, when you sometimes find it difficult to “fit in”. Over the years we have laughed together and cried together, sharing the good times as well as the bad. And as you mentioned about Donna, a friend is someone who will “help each other out”. Ann and I have “helped each other out” over the years as well. And it’s funny, because each one of our kids call the other “Aunt” Ann or “Aunt” Patsy. And the funniest part of that is, they didn’t even realize until they were quite grown, that they weren’t actually related! God bless you Vanetta, as you continue your writing career, and your cherished friendships.

  100. Kevlin

    Nice blog. Would love to read A Wedding for Julia. I enjoy reading Vannetta Chapman’s book. I would say my mom was always my best friend but she is no longer with us. I have best friends in Florida and hope to be back there in a year or two.

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  102. Ramona

    My best friend Michele has done so much for me. She was instrumental in helping me get to my internship during college. Later, she was my wedding guru-she made the groom’s cake, my dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, and helped decorate with her own tablecloths.

  103. Karla Hanns

    I have several very good friends, some from my teaching career and some from the family. My closest is my sister(ex in law!) , who has been my rock. We could talk on the phone every day and still find more things to say. Yes, I don’t know what I would do without her. She hears my troubles and my joys! I hear her’s! I really think that God provides us with the friends with whom we are meant to share and socialize!

  104. Mary Fink Herrnstein

    I met my best friend / sister 41 years ago in Jr. High school…we have shared our complete lives since then…through all the changes…both good and bad…we were there for each other…I don’t know what I would have done without her…I love you Sissy!

  105. Marie Ferland

    My best friend is like a sister to me. We met in high school and have know each other for 33 years. She lives in Alberta and I live in Ontario but we’re as close as ever! Miles can’t separate the friendship we share!

  106. Mippy/Sabrina

    I so love my friends esp the 3 I am closest to. I will make sure I tell them today how special they are to me. :)

  107. Linda Johnston

    Friends are such special treasures and we often find them in unexpected places. Almost 40 years ago I was PTA President at mt son’s school and a lady came to me looking for a membership form so she could join. She became my best friend almost instantly. Life would be so difficult without friends!

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