Contest #2

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It’s time for another contest!

In order to celebrate the release of my new book, Falling to Pieces, and the upcoming Amish Holiday Book Tour 2011, this week one winner will receive the following items:

  • Pot holder from Shipshewana, Indiana
  • Autographed copy of Falling to Pieces
  • Autographed copy of A Simple Amish Christmas
  • “C” is for Kitty-Cat needlework kit
  • 1 Vannetta Chapman writing pen
  • 2 Vannetta Chapman bookmarks

In order to enter this contest, you need to leave a comment below on this blog. And remember,  you have the opportunity to enter the contest more than once if you do at least one of the following:

  • Promote this contest on your Facebook wall by posting a link
  • Write a review for one of my books on
  • Encourage your friends to enter this contest

If you choose to do one of the tasks listed above, please leave more than one comment below and tell me which task you completed.

The contest deadline is 6 p.m. Sunday, October 16. A winner will be announced Monday, October 17. I’m using “The Hat” software to choose winners, so whether your comment is first or last, you have the same odds of winning!

Please post your name after your comment as some comments come up as “Anonymous.” I want to be sure to announce the winners’ name without confusion. It would be a bonus if you also include your email address. Thank you!

***Note: The winner will be notified by e-mail. If the winner does not respond within 30 days after the contest ends, another winner will be chosen.

More contests are coming soon! Stay tuned to my Facebook page and this blog!Also, please check out my Facebook page. I’ve added all the dates for our upcoming Amish Country Holiday Book Tour 2011 under my EVENTS tab.



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120 thoughts on “Contest #2

  1. Dar Frigo Guidry

    Would love to win this contest! Can’t wait to read your books! I love reading about the Amish. They are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing their lives with us. Blessings to you!

  2. forbiddenhero

    Hmmm. It says to put more than one comment down here, so I’ll say this as my first one. My mom loves reading books like this, so it’d be a great surprise gift for her, and I love discovering new writers.

  3. Julie Bee Lippo

    Thank you for sharing with us… I am so excited to be able to read and review these books…. have a blessed week.. and I have posted this on word press, twitter and facebook as well..

  4. Gaylene Henderson

    Please enter me into the contest. I am telling all my friends who also love the Amish stories to enter as well. – Gaylene Henderson

  5. teela

    I love a good mystery. I loved the one and only cruise I’ve been on and the food was fabulous!! HOPING I win this wonderful giveaway!! Thank you for the chance to win and introducing us to these great books and authors! teelayoung at hotmail dot com

  6. Margie Mijares

    Please enter me in the contest. I will be sharing a link on facebook:)

    margie at mijares dot net

  7. Jackie Sheffield

    I really love to read and hear about the amish. It makes me think about the way they live verses the way I live. It really makes me stop and think about life and things.

  8. Rachael Knackmus

    I love your contests!!! So far I have not won one but I will keep on trying! Shared this on my Facebook also.

  9. Stacey Barbalace

    Hi Vannetta! I would love to win your goodies, especially your book. I want to read it verrryyy badly!!! And since today is my birthday, I really think I should win..haha!! Can’t wait to meet you next month when I come to see my friend Amy!

    Thanks! Stacey

  10. Barbara Landsberg

    What a wonderful blog. Glad my friend Alecia shared it. I so love the Amish People and enjoy reading and learning more about their ways. I’ll be shareing this blog on Face book and also by email to my friends.. Thank you!!

  11. moochell

    I’ve never won anything. Would love to win this contest and have an autographed book. That would be te most amazing thing to happen to me and would be a GREAT addition to my book collection. Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. Kathy Rollins

    Kathy Rollins

    I was in Shipshewanna this week – I can still hear the clippity-clop of the horses hooves on the street – What an inspiring get-away. Enjoyed looking through our Amish author’s book racks. Ate at the Blue Gate – Snacked I should say. Wow, what food! And kettle-corn – Oh life is good!
    I would love to live there! Life is smooth…Best Wishes

  13. April Tobias

    I started reading you book until I lost the book 2 weeks ago. Got to chapter three and loved it. I am so mad at myself for losing the book because now I have to wait til you come to berlin ohio to get a copy that will NOT get lost this time. I can’t wait to finish reading A Simple Amish Christmas and the new series and super excited to meet you in person.

  14. Regina Robertson

    REGINA ROBERTSON————-I would love to win this contest. Since being on disability, it’s hard to be able to afford to buy books, especially as many as I read a week. Keep the great books coming, that is the only entertainment I have.

  15. Bonnie Johnson

    I love having another Amish writer. Please consider Washington state on your book signing tours. May GOD richly bless you!

  16. Bonnie Johnson

    I have been reading books about the Amish for years.
    I was so excited to find that I could actually add you to my list when I go book shopping. I was thrilled to meet Wanda Braunsetter one time here in Washington state. I enjoy her blog each month but now you blog every day and I find myself checking into my FB to see if you have posted anything. I then call all the people (about 1`4) that I have told about your site and the new book. This fall we actually haven’t made our book club list but my pick is Flling to Pieces. I eagerly await til you tour in Washington State. Would love to meet you. I never win a thing but I wanted to tell you that you do have a small (but growing) fan base here. Love and wishes to you on your journies and writing. With GOd all things all possible. Praise him in the highest!!

  17. Suzanne Milligan Wesley

    Would love to win and read those books of yours Vannetta. This week is covered bridge festival week in Bridgeton, Mannsfield and Rockville, Indiana (Parke County). Ever been? Lots of Amish around Rockville area if you ever come to check it out. I’ve been interested in checking out your books ever since our ACFW interview. Wishing you the best of luck on all your writing!
    – Marvetta (a.k.a. Suzanne)