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Monday Inspiration: Thank You

This is my official launch week for Falling to Pieces. It seemed the appropriate time to tell you that I’m INSPIRED by the help and kindness you all have shown me — many of you are people I’ve never met in person, and some of you are people who I’ve met at book signings.

It’s been amazing to see how willing you are to give a new author a try. If it weren’t for readers like you, there would be no new writers like me.

So thank you.

You are my inspiration. And the picture of the dog is just because he looks happy and grateful, and I feel happy and grateful. By the way, this dog belonged to an Amish farmer in Wisconsin. : ) Everyone have a great week.


P.S. – I’ll announce the winner of the contest tonight — I’ll add it as a COMMENT to this post. There are a lot of comments and names to enter into the Random Number Generator.

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16 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Janie Freeman

    You’re welcome, Vannetta! You are a great author! And I like the pic of the dog sitting so happy and grateful among the green fields.

  2. Debbie

    Awww, Vannetta, you are a wonderful person I can just tell that. I read your Christmas book and now I will read the next book, Falling to Pieces. I love your posts, and look forward to them everyday. I read books and then give a review of them, and your book looks very good. I am reading Lilly’s Wedding Quilt now and after that I will read your book.

    Thank you for just being you,


  3. Karla Hanns

    You are an inspiration to all of us with your sense of humor and your willingness to chat with us, even during your busy times. Can tell what a fun person you are, by your comments!! Thank you for sharing your life with us . I have your book on the top of my pile to start to read today. Finished all my books to review, have 2 more to put on the blog and then the time is mine to just read. Of course, today being our Thanksgiving, I will be cooking , etc. but by bedtime, I will be sitting with book in hand.

  4. vannettachapman

    And the winner of last week’s contest is … Karen Wozniak! Congratulations, Karen. : ) Thank you to everyone who entered. I’ll post another contest within the next 7 days, so please check back or sign up under the Email SUBSCRIPTION button. I have some kewllll (as my students would say) prizes!

  5. Cindy Elliott

    Vannetta, you make it easy to help and be kind. It’s so fun to chat with you and enjoying your books is a pleasure. God’s richest blessings on your writing journey. Keep writing. We all love you and your books!