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Myth Buster #8: Amish Weddings

I have read the Amish get married on Thursdays and only certain months. Why?

What an excellent question! This is one I thought I knew the answer to, and then I found out it’s a changing custom, AND it’s different for different areas.

This is the answer I found when I was researching, and mostly holds true.

November is the month for weddings – spring, summer, and fall months there is too much work to be done and in the winter there’s the risk of unfavorable weather. Also, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days for weddings – these are the least busy days of the week.

However, when I was in Shipshe, and again in Wisconsin, I found that there are so many weddings now … because communities are growing, that the wedding season has been extended. These pictures were taken in June, which is not a traditional wedding month. These young ladies were gathering before a wedding.

Also, when I was writing A Perfect Square (no, I’m NOT telling you who is getting married in book 2), some of my friends in Shipshe told me that younger girls now put flowers on the tables which is NEW, but all dresses are still home made. A few traditions have changed; however, I’m sure it would still appear very old fashioned to us.

Myth busted!

DISCLAIMER: We’re BUSTING MYTHS to celebrate the launch of my series set in Shipshewana, Indiana. Remember though, my experience may be different from yours or from other books you have read.


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15 thoughts on “Amish Weddings

  1. Wilma Metcalf

    “Yesterday things were different , today they’re different again.” Change seems to come to all of us want it or not.
    Can’t wait to read your next series.

  2. Geri Kelley

    Thanks Vannetta I love this myth busters…it is so informative and a really great idea keep up the great work. Oh and by the way I am reading your new book and I love it I feel like I know the people in the story and can’t wait till the next one comes out:))

  3. Barbara Davis

    Very interesting and the reasons are so very practical. I was surprised that flowers are a new addition. I had just assumed that handpicked bouquets would be a part of the weddings. I enjoy your mythbusters and contests so much. God bless you!
    Barbara Davis

  4. Carol Wiley

    I enjoy reading Amish fiction very much. Always waiting for the authors’ new books to come out and for our local library to get them. Anything I know about Amish weddings is from my reading.

  5. Lynn Brokaw

    Its true that each community has its own ways….and how wonderful is variety in our lives! Have not read your books yet…but looking forward to finding them!

  6. Janie Freeman

    It’s interesting to note how practical the Amish can be, selecting a month and days when it’s not such busy times, but I think they also want to give the wedding day their full attention, because family is so important to them.

  7. vannettachapman

    I loved your comments about the weddings. You know, it does seem so different from OUR weddings … and then I have to remind myself that it’s still two people, pledging their love and starting out their lives together. THAT is exactly the same. Only the “wrapping” is different. Thanks everyone for stopping in on Myth Busters. We have a few weeks left, then our Saturdays will change to a holiday focus!

  8. violetscrossing

    In the Amish community where I live, the weddings start in June and go through early fall. Very few if any are held past October. Most are still on Thursdays, but more and more are on Tuesdays due to the large number of weddings.

  9. Stacey

    Another interesting Myth Buster…I don’t know how I missed this last Saturday though! My Amish friend’s niece is getting married next month and I have had so much fun talking to her about all of her wedding plans!!! It is so interesting!Thanks for sharing :)