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The more I learn about the Amish, the more I learn I don’t know. I suppose that’s true with any new friend–and I do consider the Amish my friends.

Recently I learned that there is an Amish community in Stephenville, TX. How cool is that? Stephenville is only 86 miles from me! I don’t think I’ll be ordering a buggy in UT orange, as most of my family graduated from TX A&M or Sam Houston, but I found this article pretty interesting. And I think it speaks to the hardy spirit of the Amish folk.

I also have found two Amish stores in Texas where I’ve scheduled a time to sign books.  The first is at the Amish Market in Fredericksburg, TX. If you’ve never been to Fredericksburg, it’s a wonderful German town in the heart of the Texas hill country. I found out about this store through some friends, Cindy and Toot Barkley. (BTW, Toot recently had a bit part, riding his horse in the remake of True Grit. I can’t wait to see it!) I’ll be at the Amish Market on November 7th (11-2), and hope you all come to see me.

The second place is at the Amish Barn in Spring, Texas. My BFF Vicki lives in Spring. She’s actually my child’s godmother–or so I call her. She took care of Cody whenever I needed HELP when he was young, and now he’s 22. You don’t get friends any better than that. If you haven’t been to Old Town Spring, you’re in for a real treat. It’s located north of Houston, and I’ll be there during the Down Home Christmas weekend on November 27th (1-3) at the Amish Barn.

It seems like when you make a new friend, you start to see that person everywhere you go. For me, it’s been that way with the Amish. Now that I count the Amish community among my friends (my teens would say they’re “my peeps”) . . . it seems that I do notice them much more often, see signs of their lifestyle almost everywhere I go. And that’s rather cool.


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10 thoughts on “Amish in Texas

  1. Kelly Irvin

    Interesting! I see a day trip in my future. I love Fredericksburg, I didn’t know there was an Amish store there. I’m going to try to make it up there for your signing in November.

  2. Lynette Sowell

    The Amish Store in Fredericksburg is neat…we’re still enjoying the big jar of bread ‘n butter pickles we bought there. Hmmmm, maybe next time a trip to Stephenville? Wondering if they have any farmers markets there….

    1. vannettachapman

      Bread-n-Butter pickles? You just said FALL to me, Lynette. Thanx. I needed that! : ) You know, I tried to find an Amish market, etc. in Stephenville via their chamber site and couldn’t. Looks like we might need to take a road trip. Hee hee.

  3. Jessica M

    Did you ever make it to Stephenville? I have been looking for info on them online and haven’t found anything. Do you know for sure that they are still there?

  4. vannettachapman

    We’ll try to make it up that way either this spring or summer. Now that the weather is better, we are out and about more in our little camper – but thanks for the reminder, Jessica. : )

  5. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson

    Vanetta, I have never been to Fredericksburg, but found out my mother’s mother is buried there. She died when my mother was just 5 yr. old.I have always wanted to go there. Is there aa Amish community there? Maxie ( mac262@ )

  6. Dakota

    I’ve been living in Stephenville for a couple of years now and I haven’t seen any Amish people or signs of them. Just a lot of goat ropers here.