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Vannetta in Bandera, Texas

Vannetta in Bandera, Texas

Thanks for stopping by my official webpage. Summer’s here, and I know there’s a lot of things to do when the days are long and the sun is nice and bright and hot. I appreciate your taking the time to click over and see me. Browse around a bit, leave a comment if you’d like, and if you have a question, drop me a line via the Connect/Contact button at the top!

We’re still celebrating the release of my new Amish mystery series. Book one, What the Bishop Saw, has had fabulous reviews and we’re over-the-moon excited about the reader response to this series. Other exciting things happening in the next month include:

  • Raging Storm will be on sale in ebook format for 99 cents from 5/30 thru 6/30 with all retailers.
  • The Goodreads giveaway of What the Bishop Saw will continue through May 31st.
  • Leave a comment on my blog, and I’ll choose a winner for a $10 Amazon gift card.
  • My new Rafflecopter giveaway is live and includes potholders made from a sweet Amish family in Colorado, the setting of What the Bishop Saw. Details below.
  • My Shipshewana Amish mystery series is now on sale for $2.99 for all 3 books. I’m not sure how long this lasts, so check prices before you click.
  • Light of Dawn releases on June 27th. You can pre-order now!

You also can purchase a copy of What the Bishop Saw at your local bookstore or on-line:

Amazon *** B&N *** CBD

To access a list of all my books, in order, use the Books/Booklist button above. Also check out my blog, From the Back Porch, below. I’m sharing Amish Fun Facts once a month.

The release of a new book just doesn’t get old for me. This is book #19, and we are not slowing down. So stay tuned! More good books are on the way.


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From the Back Porch

The San Luis Valley

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What The Bishop SawHave you ever been to the San Luis Valley? It’s the setting for my new release, What the Bishop Saw which is now available where ever books are sold. Today I thought I’d share some information about the area.

  • The San Luis Valley is located in south central Colorado. It actually stretches from Colorado into New Mexico.
  • The portion in Colorado is approximately 100 miles long and 50 miles wide.
  • The San Juan Mountains (part of the Rockies) rise to the west of the valley, and the Sangre De Cristo Mountains rise to the east.
  • The valley is also home to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.
  • zzdata-20020_686x480The area receives 7-8 inches of rain a year, and the growing season is only 90 days.
  • Monte Vista, the setting for my Amish Bishop Mysteries, is known for being a very artistic community.
  • Amish have lived in the area for nearly 100 years.

I’m going to be visiting the area next week, and hopefully posting live video onto my Facebook page, so be sure and follow me there. Now it’s your turn. Where’s one place that you would like to visit this summer? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Last week’s winner was Mari.



Announcements for this week:

  • What the Bishop Saw is now available in stores and with all e-retailers.
  • My rafflecopter giveaway winner was Jackie T. I’ll post another giveaway in the next week, so be sure and check out my main page.
  • My Shipshewana Amish mystery series is on sale for $2.99 for all 3 e-books.
  • Want to win a copy of WTBS? My publisher is giving away 10 copies on Goodreads.
  • My inspirational romantic suspense novels are still 99 cents in the kindle and nook stores.
  • I’ll be presenting at the Lampasas Public library in Lampasas, TX on May 23rd at 10:30 and 5:30. If you’re in the area, please stop by!

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