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I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my upcoming releases for 2018–

  • Who the Bishop Knows. 3-6-18
  • Falling to Pieces (reissue). 3-6-18
  • An Amish Spring (reissue). 3-13-18
  • An Amish Table (reissue). 5-8-18
  • A Perfect Square (reissue). 5-15-18
  • Material Witness (reissue). 7-10-18
  • A Widow’s Hope. 7-24-18
  • An Amish Christmas to Remember (tentative title). 11-24-18

Who the Bishop KnowsWho the Bishop Knows is already garnering some awesome reviews, though we’re still a few weeks out from release.

  • “The latest of Chapman’s series is a clever mystery focused on the way the Amish community’s faith in God overcomes the many problems posed by their interactions with the modern world.” ~Kirkus Reviews
  • “Well-write and engaging” Romantic Times
  • “An Amish mystery that is paired with romance made Who the Bishop Knows an enjoyable read.” ~Vickie’s Kitchen
  • “A perfect ending to a great series.” ~Kentucky Book Lover

I hope you’ll check it out, and I pray that spring is peeking around the corner where ever you live.


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From the Back Porch

When a Book Releases

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Who the Bishop Knows will officially release on March 6, so today I thought I’d share with you what happens when a book releases. TherWho the Bishop Knows - Sharable 2e was a time when a book release meant a flurry of signings at bookstores and possibly a book tour. Times have changed though, and in our virtually oriented world, book releases look different. Activities before, the day of, and in the weeks after include:


  • Send a list of potential influencers to my publisher. These are usually people with blogs who are willing to read and review the book.
  • Send marketing material to my street team members–bookmarks, business cards, and of course they will receive a copy of the book too.
  • Build anticipation on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Answer interview questions. Both my publisher, Harvest House, and Family Fiction magazine have requested interviews. I’m very excited about these pieces and will share the links as they become available.
  • Sharing early reviews. We’ve had wonderful reviews from Romantic Times as well as several Christian fiction bloggers.

Release Day:

  • There’s a big on-line push the day of a book’s release.
  • I try to personally answer all the posts congratulating me on the release of my book.
  • Lots of giveaways are usually taking place, so I share those as well.
  • I like to share the book’s origins, details and pictures about the setting, and giveaway fun things that I’ve purchased while visiting the area.

The Weeks After:

  • Promotion doesn’t stop the day after your book launches. In many ways it’s just getting started.
  • Appear at author talks and discuss the inspiration for the book. I love having Q&A at these events.
  • Share reviews, accolades, and any follow-up giveaways

While all of this is going on, guess what else an author is doing? Writing the next book. That’s probably the most important thing to do. When readers finish a book, you know what they want.  Another book.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me some fun things you’ve seen done for a “book launch.” Or maybe something you’ve thought of that no one has done yet. I’m all ears! Remember, leave a comment below, and I’ll draw one winner from each post’s comment section. If your name is drawn, I’ll send you a paperback book of my choice from my supply closet. If it’s one you already have, you can donate the unsigned copy to your local library or a friend. Last post our winner was Karen T.



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