October Celebrations

IMG_0191Thanks for stopping by my official webpage.  We’re enjoying fall weather here in central Texas, which is perfect writing weather! I appreciate the fact that you’re here.  Browse around a bit, leave a comment if you’d like, and if you have a question, drop me a line via the Connect/Contact button at the top!

My publisher is running a special on last year’s series, Plain & Simple Miracles. These four stories are all set within Cody’s Creek, Oklahoma–a place I invented after visiting Chouteau, Oklahoma. The stories deal with the tenants of our faith–redemption, miracles, missions, and orphans. I hope that you’ll give them a try. These special ebook prices last through the end of October and are good with all retailers, but always check before purchasing. Brian’s Choice is a 76 page prequel, and the stories can be read in any choice you choose. They each have new characters and a new plot. What ties them together is the location and the theme of celebrating our faith.

P&S series sale


I hope that you are spending some of each day out in the beauty of fall. In spite of the tragedies that too often occur around us, we can feel grounded and even grateful when we take a few moments to appreciate God’s gifts.


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Defending America Series

I’m crazy excited to announce that I have two new books up for pre-order. Coyote’s Revenge and Roswell’s Secret are fast paced, suspense-filled, emotionally-driven books that are clean and wholesome. There’s no foul language, no adult scenes, just good clean fiction. If you’ve read my books Hidden or Protected, they are very similar to those books.

CR and RS 99c

Because I’m publishing these books independently, I’m able to control the price. I’ve always hated that books pre-order for full price (say $9.99), and then go on sale later. I feel like the people who are my faithful readers should receive the best price. So I’m reversing that trend. I’m starting at 99 cents, then in a week it will go up to $1.99, then $2.99 and it will finally settle out at $3.99. It will never be higher than that! These titles will also be available in Kindle Unlimited (so if you have that service, WAIT until release day and you can read for free).

So why the switch to Clean & Wholesome fiction? It’s not really a switch. I’m publishing these two books hoping that I can increase my readership and that my writing will cause new readers to try Christian fiction. Of course, I hope my old readers will enjoy these books as well. But to assure you, there are plenty of Christian books and Amish books coming out in the near future (Who the Bishop Knows releases March 1).

I will say that these are some of the favorite characters I’ve ever written. Aiden and Madison (Coyote’s Revenge) are like family to me–it’s as if I’ve lived their experiences. Okay, I did hike some in Glacier, but that’s as close to danger as I managed to go. Dean and Lucy (Roswell’s Secret), well I think they’re the most romantic love story I’ve ever written. If you believe love can bloom in the most dangerous of situations, then you might agree with me! Thank you for joining me in this journey to broaden my reader base. I appreciate each one of you.

Leave a comment to be entered for a $10 Amazon certificate. Let me know what you think about these new releases, or you can just tell me if you’ve ever visited Montana or New Mexicao.



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